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Mother’s Day duplication
May 12, 2008, 4:41 pm
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Mother’s Day duplication

On Mother’s Day I presented my wonderful and loving mother with her Mother’s Day card. I was so pleased with my selection. It was the absolute perfect card for her as my mother. I put back 3 other possible contenders the moment I finished reading the one I chose to give her. That’s how perfect it was for her. That’s how perfect my brother also thought it was for her. She pulls the card I gave her out of it’s envelope and immediately starts laughing. Immediately, as in, before she could have possibly read the first 3 words. I think jackpot (without really thinking thru how she can’t be laughing at the hilarity of the card since she hasn’t had time to read it)! Good card, good daughter, good Mother’s Day! “Pretty good card huh?” I say to her. She agrees, but what’s better is that my brother has already mailed her the same card! Thus proving that it was the perfect card.


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