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I Love My Mom…Why I’m Weird
July 14, 2008, 3:40 pm
Filed under: Family
I love my mom. She came to town Satuday morning and worked like a slave until she left Monday morning. Up late every night working…even past 1 on Sunday. She was helpful, nice, and not gripe-y like some mom’s can get. She’s very mild mannered so it’s on par with her personality. I must first say that my mom is smart…quite smart, but, well, a space cadet. My dad likes to say she’s “lunchy” (like out to lunch). Her mom even asked her peditrician if she was retarded when she was 4ish. LOL! To put it into perspective she didn’t realize she was *maybe* smart until she was in the middle of her high school graduation. She looked around and realized that she was sitting on the front couple of rows with the same sash all of the other smart people were wearing and that they were all honor grads. Noone had ever told her that she was in advanced classes…so she thought she was just average or a tad below because all the others in her *advanced* class were making such good scores!
That’s my mom. So this weekend I had noticed that she was carrying around 2 pairs of glasses and at times would have 0, 1, or both pairs on her nose at the same time. Finally, on Sunday I asked what’s up with that. She has 1 pair of glasses for regular seeing (1 near-sited and 1 far-sited eye with barely any correction) that she uses or not. Then there’s a pair of reading glasses that are not strong enough alone. So, she puts them on over her regular glasses to make bifocals! She says she’s been doing this all summer. I call my hubby in to hear the story. She laughs slightly embarrassed, but explains it to him. This only seems slightly weird to him because, well, he’s been with me 13+ years. I say to him, “now do you understand why I am the way I am?” She laughs and says that maybe she should get real bifocals before the summer is over. She’s a high school teacher. I asked her if she had any problem with being *that* teacher…you know, the kooky one. she said that if she cared about being *that* teacher she wouldn’t do half the things she does. She IS a character!

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