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Making HandPrint Stepping Stones
April 17, 2010, 12:00 pm
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Making HandPrint Stepping Stones

We recently had a big time making concrete stepping stones for the yard. We started with a simple kit from Hobby Lobby that was just 8 lbs of quick setting concrete. This kit will make either 1  12 in stepping stone or 2  8 in stepping stones. We decided to make the 8 in stepping stones. Along with the concrete mix we also needed molds and any decorations we would want to use on them. These also came from Hobby Lobby.

Since we were making two 8 in stepping stones we divided the concrete in half for use in two molds, making sure to not spill.

Add the water and mix the concrete thoroughly. Be careful to not splash since this is real concrete.

Smooth the concrete so it’s ready for handprints, decorations, and writing. If you end up with too much water you can use paper towels to blot the excess water from the surface. (We didn’t learn this trick until it was too late for our too wet stones.)

The son’s finished product waiting to dry.

The daughter’s finished product waiting to dry (and yes, she knows that the flowers and grass will eventually dry up).

We had a great time making stepping stones for the yard. Now I want a sea of personalized stepping stones from the kids for my yard. Good times! 🙂


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