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Easy Homemade Donuts
June 27, 2010, 9:21 am
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Easy Homemade Donuts

I don’t typically feed my family many donuts; so, I don’t know what came over me and made me decide to make homemade donuts. Either way they were good, the family enjoyed them, and I didn’t have to feed my kids a ton of lactaid with each donut.

I began with store-bought biscuits from the refrigerated section. A version that was dairy-free, of course. Along with canola oil because it has a nice, high smoke point to keep those pesky carcinogens at bay.

Then I cut the biscuits into quarters and played with the temperature of the oil.

biscuits cut into quarters

Once the temperature is just right and you are no longer burning them or waiting FOREVER for them to cook, then it’s time to drop your quarters in. Just please be careful putting them in so you don’t splash yourself with hot oil. ouch!

frying in canola oil

Using a slotted spoon, pull the biscuits out when they’re golden brown, and allow the oil to drain out over the pan thru the slots a bit before you move them to a plate covered with a paper towel or brown paper bag or whatever grease absorber you prefer.

nice and golden brown

Now they’re ready for whatever you top them with. I suppose you could glaze them or frost them, but I had powdered sugar so I sprinkled them just a little with powdered sugar using a sifter.

sift powdered sugar on top

Now EAT!

Finished Donuts

My family really enjoyed these and requested them for many breakfasts after this day. Wishful thinking! LOL! In our house donuts are a treat, not a regular breakfast.


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