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Stencil “Liquid Gold” Onesies
October 7, 2010, 5:50 pm
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Stencil “Liquid Gold” Onesies

I decided to make some breastfeeding related onesies to donate to my local La Leche League group.

First I printed my design and text I desired onto transparency “paper”. Then I used an exacto knife to carefully cut out the printed design to create my stencil.

Once the stencils are ready, a piece of cardboard placed inside of a plastic bag is put inside of the onesie to keep the paint from bleeding onto the backside of the onesie. The cardboard is needed to keep the stencil surface flat, and the plastic bag is needed to keep the paint from gluing the shirt to the cardboard. It is best to tape the stencil down to avoid it slipping around and losing it’s place. If you are doing multiple pieces of clothing it is important to wipe the backside of the stencil between uses. Otherwise you will transfer paint from the previous shirt onto the next one.

The design I chose was “I *heart* liquid gold” because breastmilk IS liquid gold. (Ask any mom who pumps at work just how much each hard-earned drop is worth and she’ll say more than it’s weight in gold!)


Using fabric paint and a sponge carefully sponge the paint onto the stencil and shirt. *it’s always a good thing to get your technique mastered on an old piece of fabric.*

Don’t put too much paint on your sponge or it will bleed beyond the stencil a lot. Ideally you sponge over the design a second time only a few minutes after your first coat. It seemed like this strategy eliminated a lot of the bleeding and the sticking that happens when the stencil stays in place too long.


Now you have a great new onesie for your baby to advertise it’s favorite thing!




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