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Build a Cedar Sandbox
May 28, 2012, 5:43 pm
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Build a Cedar Sandbox

I ran across the plans for a really cool sandbox that had this great lid that when closed made a neat roof for the sandbox and when it’s open it makes a bench for the kids to sit on.

Spring-boarding off of that design I sat down with my pencil, paper, ruler, and big ideas. Soon I had drawn up the design for our sandbox complete with measurements and supplies list.

We chose to use 1″ cedar as the box and pressure treated 2×4’s for the foundation. I know that pressure treated wood would have worked for the whole thing, but I don’t like the idea of my kiddos getting those pressure treated chemicals all over them.  So that leaves the moisture tolerant cedar. It’s not a cheap wood, but it’s not THAT outrageous.

Cutting the pieces and placing them into their general locations.


More wood cutting and assembling. The base is done in the one below.


Finished and ready for sand! We added the ropes to the base just in case we ever decided we needed to move it. It won’t go far filled with sand, but it will probably go a little bit….with a lot of muscle.


Kiddos having tons of fun!


Since it has no lid, we lay some spare wooden fence pickets across the top to keep it from being a giant litter box. LOL!


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