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Happy Pi Day!
March 14, 2013, 9:20 pm
Filed under: Cooking

Happy Pi Day!

Happy Pi Day to everyone! I hope you had some pie! I did.

We cooked up a frozen berry pie we had on hand. 🙂 A Marie Callenders Razzleberry Pie to be exact. None of the dairy and red dye #40 that my family can’t have. Good stuff!

Also, I find it surprising that my very nerdly husband had no clue what I meant when I started talking about Pi Day. He thought I meant it was a day to cook pie because I had a craving for pie.

Then, as I explained each part, it dawned on him so slowly that I could literally see the gears in his brain turning. LOL! Pi… 3.14 … March 14th … 3-14 … circles … pies … pies are circles … pie sound like Pi ….. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!


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