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Bat Box
June 29, 2013, 6:35 pm
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Bat Box

Our backyard has such a bad mosquito problem. People have said that it’s because we have lots of mature trees back there. I’ve often blamed our neighbors to the back for letting water stand in large puddles in the low spots in their yard. We’ve even gone back there several times over the years to maintain little drainage channels we had dug for them. Nothing seems to help. I hate to use DEET on us, but I know it’s the only thing that REALLY works.

I, personally, skip the poison and the backyard opting to suffer any mosquito bites I will get while in the front yard. I worked as a scorekeeper at our local ballpark for years as a teenager. So I learned early on that if I could avoid scratching them, the itch would dissipate within 5-10 mins of being bitten. Not only that, there wouldn’t be a welt or bump from the bite.

However, I want to enjoy our backyard without being coated in poison or worrying about getting bit a million and twelve times.  Did you know that bats eat a lot of mosquitoes each night?! I didn’t realize either! So I looked up plans for homemade bat boxes, but being impatient and wanting to get going on a potential solution immediately I also bought one. It’s pretty basic, but if bats house in it that will be fantastic!


There’s an old power pole on our property line next to the backyard that was just begging to have a bat box. The instructions say it could take up to a year and a half for bats to make a home in it. I’m taking the “build it and they will come” approach. 🙂


So it won’t be immediate gratification, and may not even be helpful for this summer, but hopefully we’ll be enjoying our backyard more by the end of next summer.

I’m thinking I need to add a couple more…just in case.


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