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Notebook Collection
January 30, 2013, 12:34 pm
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Notebook Collection

There could probably be worse things to be drawn in by and want to collect, but I seem to have a soft spot in my heart for notebooks. Especially these pretty bound ones. I like their size. I like their colors. I like to see them all side by side looking like a notebook rainbow. They say it’s the simple things in life that make you happy. Truly, it is.



Popsicle Stick Snowflake Ornaments
December 30, 2010, 11:01 am
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Popsicle Stick Snowflake Ornaments

It’s that time of year again, time to make holiday ornaments. This year the kids decorated popsicle sticks, aka wooden craft sticks, to look like snowflakes.


I think they turned out really well and were super easy to make. First I spray painted white all of the sticks that we would be using. No way I wanted to turn this into a huge multi day painting projects with small children.


Once the sticks were painted a little dab of wood glue in the center allows you to stack 3 sticks on top of each other fanned out to look like an asterisk (*). The kids could help with this step although I did take the liberty of realigning them somewhat to make them more even.


After the glue was dry I used some glitter spray paint to give it some extra umph.



Once it was all dry we used embellishments from the scrapbook section of Hobby Lobby to decorate them.


3 ornaments made by 3 kids:




They were so easy and turned out much better than I had hoped!

Making Homemade Cornstarch Clay
November 28, 2009, 12:37 am
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Making Homemade Cornstarch Clay

It’s that time of year again. The time of year where we stay indoors more and simultaneously seem to have less and less time to spend with our families because if the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. I decided that come rain or shine the hustle and bustle and chores wouldn’t stand in the way of a little bit of fun with the family…a little stopping to smell the roses. So we made some cornstarch clay. I got the recipe from a magazine I have. Family Fun magazine by Disney. 

I really like the idea of this project because it uses cheap, all-natural ingredients and is really fast to make. Plus the pictures that accompany the article have the snowmen, reindeer, and angel decorated with small little doo-dads found around the house…and this is the right house to find little doo-dads to use. 🙂 Here is the online version of the magazine article I followed:


 All of my ingredients (just water, baking soda, salt, and cornstarch), bowls, utensils, and instructions are gathered. 

Once the supplies were gathered it was shockingly easy to make. It says to mix the cornstach in a small bowl and Ireally, really agree. The smaller the better. Once it was mixed ,I rolled it into a ball and stored it in waxed paper while it cooled.

After we had our clay, we set out to create our art. Figurines, snakes, candy canes, lumps of varying sizes, and the sort. We had sequins, beads, googly eyes, screws, wire, and doo dads of all kinds to use as decorations. The sky was the limit.

Some of our handywork:

Can you tell which ones were made by kids and which ones were made by adults? LOL!

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