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Collecting Cast Iron Cookware
September 6, 2010, 7:58 pm
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Collecting Cast Iron Cookware

I just love cast iron cookware. I have a ton of it. It’s possible that I could have an addiction. LOL! I’ve been collecting it ever since I moved out of my parents house in college and needed to stock my own kitchen. My go to items were cast iron and corningware. I would say that all of my cast iron is the Lodge brand and none of it was pre-seasoned because that gives me the willies. (I’ve done my research and know what methods many companies use to “pre-season” cast iron.)

So I thought I’d show off my beloved cast iron collection. This is most but not all of it. Some things were either dirty or buried deep in a cabinet when I took this picture, but it’s at least 90% of the collection.


Also, it’s maybe worth noting that most of this collection was bought between 1995-1997, has been used a ton, and hasn’t shown any signs of wear yet. Knock wood! Lodge makes a good product!


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