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Make a Childs Hat on the Knitting Loom
March 7, 2013, 1:29 pm
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Make a Childs Hat on the Knitting Loom


I got a set of round knitting looms recently and was working on making a leg warmer for my broken ankle that can’t tolerate many sock styles, yet. by the time i got several inches in I realized a few things: this yarn wasn’t quite right for a legwarmer, my kids were making knitting requests, and this was going to be the right size for a kid’s winter hat.

Ok, direction change. Now it’s a kid’s hat and I have just enough wool yarn to finish it.

I used some bulky (thicker than worsted weight) wool yarn and a Knitpicks knitting loom (guess the size from the picture if you want. it’s on top of a 1″x1′ grid.)



It only took a few hours of work and voila! a wool hat for the winter. The kids fight over it now…and everyone is asking for their own. 🙂


Slim Sock Choices
February 24, 2013, 9:28 pm
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Slim Sock Choices

And by “slim” I mean it both as the size and as the variety of selection. My broken ankle doesn’t like most of the socks I own. I say most, but I really mean all. They are all too tight. Even the annoyingly loose pair that I used to hate because they were too annoyingly loose. Waaaaay too tight. I thought there would be a decent selection of socks since it is still February. No. I thought I could maybe get some loose leg-warmers since I’ve seen them around the past couple years. No. Nothing suitable in women’s, girls’ men’s, boys, or the athletic sections.

So what is a girl to do? I guess what I wanted might be findable on the internet or at another store in town, but I’m on crutches and I also like to feel something like this before spending my money. So I decided to knit a big loose leg-warmer on my round knitting loom. Problem solved!

DIY Knitting Machine Repair
March 7, 2012, 7:40 pm
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DIY Knitting Machine Repair

My dear knitting machine (I personally think the term machine is misleading since it’s human powered) had 2 of the “teeth” broken off. I’m certain there’s an official name for the “teeth”, but I don’t know it. So bear with me. LOL! With this part broken it renders the thing almost useless for what I like to do. Which is blankets. Sure I could make tiny things and stay in the areas of the machine that aren’t broken, but that’s not why I got it.

After letting it sit for about a year not knowing just how to tackle the problem I showed it to my mom who mentioned popsicle sticks. Well, I have some of those hanging around. So after pulling one out and realizing that the width is almost ideal I made a plan.

I made a paper template, carefully carved out the right shape, sanded it to make it the exact right shape, super or krazy glued it in place, and held it until the glue dried. Rinse, Repeat for the second broken spot. (people don’t really rinse anything. that’s just a shampoo joke. LOL!)



I was worried that the repair wouldn’t be strong enough to use, but after testing it out it held! Yay!

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