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Making a Heart Pillow for Valentine’s Day
February 13, 2010, 8:30 am
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Making a Heart Pillow for Valentine’s Day

For Valentine’s Day I wanted to make some heart shaped pillows for my kids. I had some spare polyester fleece fabric already laying around. So this is what I decided to use to make them. Three pillows for three kids. 2 girls and 1 boy. I started with a basic free clipart heart outline, but it wasn’t quite the shape I wanted to use. So I opened it up in a free program called IrfanView to stretch, squish, fatten, and crop my clipart heart. After I had the shape I wanted I cropped out the right half of the heart so that only the left half was left. This way I could print it on a letter sized piece of paper and have it be as big as possible. You can do the same to your own heart or you can use mine.

I printed mine on clear plastic that is like the paper they use for transparancies at schools. Then it still wasn’t quite big enough so when cutting it out I added an extra 1/4 inch for the seam allowance. Place the pattern on the fold of your fabric and cut out 2.

Putting right sides together, sew around the heart leaving about 2 inches of opening for turning and stuffing.

One of the pillows I made embellished because the oldest daughter was going to insist on the pink pillow, but the preschooler son and the toddler daughter were wild cards on which they would like best. It seems that the obvious choice for the son would be the aqua colored one, but I wanted to make no assumptions. So, I decided to embellish the neutral brown one both to jazz it up and to make it more easily swing towards a boy or a girl.

What I did was, using pinking shears, I cut out 2 small hearts from some of the pink and blue scraps. Then, I sewed them onto the right side of one of the brown pieces of fabric (before I sewed the 2 pillow pieces together).

Once the small hearts are cut out they’re ready to be put on anywhere you like. I just spaced them out in a way that was pleasing to my eye. Then sew them on to the right side of the fabric.

Here’s what it looks like from the inside once you’ve sewn it together with the right sides together.

Now clip the curves, which is basically the whole thing.

Now that the curves are clipped all that is left is turning it right side out and stuffing it.

The kids loved them!


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