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Different Strokes for Different Folks…
October 1, 2008, 2:00 pm
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Yesterday I was in the post office getting a letter weighed. As I stood in line (for what seemed like forever LOL) I see this mom come in with her baby, go over and check her p.o. box, and then get in line behind me. She has one of those big, fancy strollers that matches or came with an infant car-seat. I saw the stroller and innocently thought, “oh she must have walked here and what a nice day it is for a walk with your baby.” As I finished and left she also finished quickly and left. In the parking lot I noticed her go to a van, and it dawned on me she didn’t walk here. She lugged this big ole stroller out of her vehicle, lugged the big ole infant carrier out of her van and put it all together just to pop into the post office. This is when I re-remembered why I’m so grateful to be a babywearer. To me it seems like such a huge chore to get out a stroller, a carrier, and maneuver it around for something like running into the post office. I love that I can just pop my baby into a sling and run inside without having to fumble with equipment. Maybe I’m just lazy. LOL!


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