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Are my cloth wipes organizing a coup?!
May 25, 2008, 9:36 pm
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I use cloth diapers most of the time (gDiapersand I love them!). So, I usually use some homemade cloth wipes with them. This helps with the cleaning up process. Since they’re cloth they just go right in the washer with the diapers. Easy peasy. Here’s where the coup begins. I’m pretty sure the cloth wipes are conspiring against me. Every single time I sort the clean diaper laundry there are always 4 cloth wipes that have become extremely tangled together at their corners from the washing process. How can this happen you may ask. Well, it’s mostly because I’m too lazy to hem or zigzag sew the edges of them when I make them. I simply use pinking shears to give them that zigzag edge. I figure it slows down the unravelling process. So, of course, there are always stringy edges and corners just waiting for another stringy cloth wipe to come near…thus beginning the conspiracy. I’m just sure it has to be the same 4 wipes tangling over and over again. Doesn’t it???! If I purge these bad seeds, these trouble-makers from my supply will my problems be fixed? Or has the coup’s movement gone too deep, influencing the other wipes that until now have been tangle free. Don’t these trouble-making wipes know by now that it never ends well for them. I often have to get out the scissors and cut them free from each other. Don’t they realize that they are just getting smaller and smaller for their efforts? There’s go good ending for them of they continue down this road…I’m stronger and I have scissors. I guess they are just wipes after all…I don’t use them for their brains.


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