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Homemade Playdoh Fun!
January 7, 2012, 8:11 pm
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Homemade Playdoh Fun!

I have been making homemade plahdoh for my kids lately. I can’t stand the smell of the store-bought kind. It’s so chemical-y. Yuck! I asked around and everyone seemed to agree that the recipe all over the internet is the one to use. It’s often called Nature’s Playdoh. It’s a super simple recipe and really easy to make quickly.

Nature’s Playdough
1 cup flour
1/2 cup salt
1 cup water
2 tablespoons oil
2 tablespoons cream of tartar
coloring (artificial food coloring or natural dyes from beets, spinach, etc)
optional scent from essential oils

After making several batches, I’ve tweaked the instructions a bit:
I have a pot of boiling water, a bowl with the dry ingredients, and a bowl with the coloring and oil (I also squeeze a couple of gelcaps of Vit E oil in for a preservative).
I scoop out the right amount of water with the measuring cup, dump the water in the oil bowl, throw the dry ingredients into the oils bowl, and stir stir stir with the backside of a large spoon (really smooshing hard on it to mix it well).
After a couple of minutes of stirring its a little cooler and I move it to the counter to knead on the tile. Voila! Playdoh!

I found these handy dandy little paint jars at Hobby Lobby to put my rainbow of playdoh into. Let the squishy fun begin!
I’ve started doing half batches so I can have more colors.


Garden Gnome Fun
May 29, 2011, 12:19 pm
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Garden Gnome Fun

Alright, I know that garden gnomes have a bad wrap and are considered lame or for old ladies. BUT we watched the kids movie Gnomeo and Juliet. It was pretty cute and put a new spin on my point of view for gnomes.


So I became a gnome fan! LOL! Who would’ve guessed?! Although I like the small, not very noticeable ones vs the big ones you could see from the street. The family has had some good fun placing the gnomes in our garden. They have plant, dirt, and rock areas to set up house in. So hopefully the gnomes won’t be bored with just one type of terrain. 🙂

DSC05380The family thoughtfully places the gnomes in their new homes.

DSC05383Finding just the right home for a gnome can be serious business.




A Yummy Little Drink for My Milk
April 25, 2010, 3:30 am
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A Yummy Little Drink for My Milk

A friend of mine recently told me about a yummy little drink she uses to boost her breastmilk. I tried it today and find it quite delicious. When my husband tried it he said it would be really yummy with a little vodka or something added. 😉 It’s a very simple concoction. You just pineapple juice, coconut milk (not to be confused with coconut water), and a cup.

The pineapple juice is pretty easy to find since it’s usually located with the rest of the juices, but the coconut milk can be more tricky to locate. Often it’s in a specialty section around the Asian ingredients.

Mix 1 small can of pineapple juice with about 1/2 cup of coconut water and drink.

When I first opened my can of coconut water I wished that I had taken the can and given it a good shaking before I opened the top because it needed some mixing. I don’t know if shaking the can 1st would have helped any, but maybe. Anyway, I whisked it up, and it went from a fairly solid blob surrounded by water to a creamy easy to handle texture.

I drank mine at room temperature, but I suspect chilled would have made it better. I didn’t notice a milk supply explosion or anything, but I do think that it helped me maintain my supply at a time when I was sort of dehydrated and not making much milk.

Making Homemade Cornstarch Clay
November 28, 2009, 12:37 am
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Making Homemade Cornstarch Clay

It’s that time of year again. The time of year where we stay indoors more and simultaneously seem to have less and less time to spend with our families because if the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. I decided that come rain or shine the hustle and bustle and chores wouldn’t stand in the way of a little bit of fun with the family…a little stopping to smell the roses. So we made some cornstarch clay. I got the recipe from a magazine I have. Family Fun magazine by Disney. 

I really like the idea of this project because it uses cheap, all-natural ingredients and is really fast to make. Plus the pictures that accompany the article have the snowmen, reindeer, and angel decorated with small little doo-dads found around the house…and this is the right house to find little doo-dads to use. 🙂 Here is the online version of the magazine article I followed:


 All of my ingredients (just water, baking soda, salt, and cornstarch), bowls, utensils, and instructions are gathered. 

Once the supplies were gathered it was shockingly easy to make. It says to mix the cornstach in a small bowl and Ireally, really agree. The smaller the better. Once it was mixed ,I rolled it into a ball and stored it in waxed paper while it cooled.

After we had our clay, we set out to create our art. Figurines, snakes, candy canes, lumps of varying sizes, and the sort. We had sequins, beads, googly eyes, screws, wire, and doo dads of all kinds to use as decorations. The sky was the limit.

Some of our handywork:

Can you tell which ones were made by kids and which ones were made by adults? LOL!

I Love My Mom…Why I’m Weird
July 14, 2008, 3:40 pm
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I love my mom. She came to town Satuday morning and worked like a slave until she left Monday morning. Up late every night working…even past 1 on Sunday. She was helpful, nice, and not gripe-y like some mom’s can get. She’s very mild mannered so it’s on par with her personality. I must first say that my mom is smart…quite smart, but, well, a space cadet. My dad likes to say she’s “lunchy” (like out to lunch). Her mom even asked her peditrician if she was retarded when she was 4ish. LOL! To put it into perspective she didn’t realize she was *maybe* smart until she was in the middle of her high school graduation. She looked around and realized that she was sitting on the front couple of rows with the same sash all of the other smart people were wearing and that they were all honor grads. Noone had ever told her that she was in advanced classes…so she thought she was just average or a tad below because all the others in her *advanced* class were making such good scores!
That’s my mom. So this weekend I had noticed that she was carrying around 2 pairs of glasses and at times would have 0, 1, or both pairs on her nose at the same time. Finally, on Sunday I asked what’s up with that. She has 1 pair of glasses for regular seeing (1 near-sited and 1 far-sited eye with barely any correction) that she uses or not. Then there’s a pair of reading glasses that are not strong enough alone. So, she puts them on over her regular glasses to make bifocals! She says she’s been doing this all summer. I call my hubby in to hear the story. She laughs slightly embarrassed, but explains it to him. This only seems slightly weird to him because, well, he’s been with me 13+ years. I say to him, “now do you understand why I am the way I am?” She laughs and says that maybe she should get real bifocals before the summer is over. She’s a high school teacher. I asked her if she had any problem with being *that* teacher…you know, the kooky one. she said that if she cared about being *that* teacher she wouldn’t do half the things she does. She IS a character!

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