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Homemade Compost Bin
March 19, 2011, 6:33 pm
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Homemade Compost Bin

I know there are a lot of plans for DIY compost bins out there. Probably many of them are much better than mine, but does what we need it to do (mostly) and is easy as pie to set up.

It is made of a roll of wire “fencing”, (the kind that is used to help house some sort of animals, maybe chickens), stakes, wire, and cinder blocks (optional). We got our materials from Lowes Home Improvement center and Home Depot. 

The stakes are placed in the corners and the fencing is wrapped around the stakes to make the sides of a “box”. The two are secured together using the wire. *I recommend having the fencing that goes around the sides meet up in one of the front corners. This allows you to be able to detach the front wall of the box and shovel into the pile from the front.* Another section of fencing is attached to the top as a lid.

We eventually decided to add a layer of cinderblocks around the outside of the bottom. This had 2 benefits: keeping the sides from bowing out from the weight of the compost and making it really hard for any animals to try to dig their way under the box walls.

It’s not much to look at and it’s a simple design, but it does the trick.

The current bin:


The current bin alongside the old bin with the compost can from the kitchen waiting to be emptied:



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