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Bike Maintenance
April 8, 2013, 6:44 pm
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Bike Maintenance

In our family we have a tendency to repair rather than replace our things. Which leads others to offer us their old and or broken things. Since we don’t like to waste and have repair skills, we usually accept their old and broken things. (which is part of why I have too little space in my house and sheds, yes, more than one shed.)

A friend who has 3 sons all within a year of each other (twins and a singleton) passed down their 3 most recently outgrown bikes. Being the former bikes of 9-10 yr old boys you can imagine they’ve seen their days of wear and tear.


We have this thing we do called frankensteining where we take the good/working parts from like items and put them all together to make one item that’s as best as it can be with the parts available. The bikes were no exception. First find the best frame with the best brakes attached. Then swap out parts so that it has the best seat, tires, chain, and handle grips from the three bikes.


And after you’ve fixed what the kids did when they were “helping” you do the repairs, it’s ready to ride! A freshly rehabbed bike!


Shoe Rehabilitation
October 15, 2012, 1:29 pm
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Shoe Rehabilitation

My daughter has these slip on shoes that she really likes, but they are coated with hot pink glittery stuff. After being worn by a kid for a while the glittery stuff is coming off in places and leaving behind white spots that used to be hot pink.

After they got bad enough I decided I couldn’t ignore it anymore and needed to do a little rehab on them to help them hang in a little longer without embarrassing anyone too much. So I got my sharpie that was the same color as the shoes and started coloring the white spots.



After :


Of course I still need to cut off the dangly threads before we can call these shoes REALLY rehabilitated, but the white spots are gone. I suppose I could’ve added more glitter to the sharpie spots, but these shoes didn’t have much more time in them before they were outgrown.

DIY Knitting Machine Repair
March 7, 2012, 7:40 pm
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DIY Knitting Machine Repair

My dear knitting machine (I personally think the term machine is misleading since it’s human powered) had 2 of the “teeth” broken off. I’m certain there’s an official name for the “teeth”, but I don’t know it. So bear with me. LOL! With this part broken it renders the thing almost useless for what I like to do. Which is blankets. Sure I could make tiny things and stay in the areas of the machine that aren’t broken, but that’s not why I got it.

After letting it sit for about a year not knowing just how to tackle the problem I showed it to my mom who mentioned popsicle sticks. Well, I have some of those hanging around. So after pulling one out and realizing that the width is almost ideal I made a plan.

I made a paper template, carefully carved out the right shape, sanded it to make it the exact right shape, super or krazy glued it in place, and held it until the glue dried. Rinse, Repeat for the second broken spot. (people don’t really rinse anything. that’s just a shampoo joke. LOL!)



I was worried that the repair wouldn’t be strong enough to use, but after testing it out it held! Yay!

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