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Amplify a Phone’s Speakers
June 30, 2013, 6:42 pm
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Amplify a Phone’s Speakers

While outside today doing yard-work I wanted to play some music from my phone. Now, my phone has a pretty good built in speaker, but out in the yard that speaker can be over-powered by the road, neighbors, and distance. 

So I found a cute flower pot I had sitting around empty. After knocking out the remaining dirt I placed my phone inside the flower pot. I should probably note that the speakers should be facing the base of the flower pot. This allows the music to bounce off the pottery sides of the pot and exit the pot amplified. Easy peasy!



My flower pot has 2 drainage holes in the bottom. I’m sure I was losing some of my ability to amplify thru those holes, and maybe next time I’ll consider covering them, but it still worked well!


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