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Make a Childs Hat on the Knitting Loom
March 7, 2013, 1:29 pm
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Make a Childs Hat on the Knitting Loom


I got a set of round knitting looms recently and was working on making a leg warmer for my broken ankle that can’t tolerate many sock styles, yet. by the time i got several inches in I realized a few things: this yarn wasn’t quite right for a legwarmer, my kids were making knitting requests, and this was going to be the right size for a kid’s winter hat.

Ok, direction change. Now it’s a kid’s hat and I have just enough wool yarn to finish it.

I used some bulky (thicker than worsted weight) wool yarn and a Knitpicks knitting loom (guess the size from the picture if you want. it’s on top of a 1″x1′ grid.)



It only took a few hours of work and voila! a wool hat for the winter. The kids fight over it now…and everyone is asking for their own. 🙂


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